5 Resources to Help with Nameplate Design

Sometimes there is no issue with deciding on the elements of a product nameplate - all the pieces fall in place and voila, an effective nameplate is ready to submit for quote. What if you don't have all those pieces or your nameplate just isn't coming together like you want? Don't throw your hands up and walk away. Instead, take a minute to stand back, answer a few basic questions and then use some resources to pull everything together.

3 Basic Questions for Nameplate Design

No matter if we are talking about a basic and functional identification tag or a more complex and decorative nameplate to build brand awareness, basic questions will come up centered on material, size and budget. Decide on the purpose for using a nameplate or label and then consider these questions:

What type of material should you use? The most common metal used for nameplates, ID Plates and badges is aluminum since it is lightweight and recyclable. Other metals like brass or stainless steel can be used depending on the type of application. Lightweight flexible plastic materials can be reviewed as well, especially if backlit graphics or functional buttons are needed.  

What size and shape will the nameplate be? No matter if your product needs an aluminum nameplate or a polycarbonate overlay, the shape of the branding matters. The options are open and it is not necessary to feel trapped by standards. You can design an emblem to follow common shapes; or step out of the box by using the shape to draw attention, stand out from the crowd and enhance the product design. 

What is your budget? Piece price is a common concern for nameplate and label design. While options are wide open in both metal and plastic material and processes, it is helpful to stay in tune with what your budget will allow. Understanding the objective and environmental needs of the nameplate can help define where the piece price will fall. Piece price will increase as more processes are used. 


Helpful Resources for Nameplate Design

Here is a handy list of downloadable resources available from McLoone that take into consideration best practices along with examples and explanations. Topics include substrate, tooling, surface decorating and decorating options. 

1. Nameplate Substrate Guide - explores metal and plastic material options to help define requirements for your product identification.

2. Shaping up Metal Nameplates - explore how choosing the shape of your nameplate carefully can help capture the attention of your customers.

3. 7 Ways to Increase Product Branding Impact - practical examples and discussion of how incorporating background finishes into your product identification can enhance brand awareness, increase perceived value of your product and make a lasting impact in the market.

4. Customized Durable Safety Labels - explore options for communicating warning and safety information for labels and nameplates.

5. Custom Domed Nameplates and Labels - learn how doming is a durable option to add dimension to nameplates and labels. 

How Can We Help?

Ready to tackle your nameplate design project but need some guidance? Our Customer Care team is available to help work with you to find the right solution and processes to achieve a memorable nameplate for your product.


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