Vicky Bowie

Vicky Bowie

As a Marketing Content Specialist at McLoone, I’m responsible for developing interesting and engaging articles, case studies and reference material that helps anyone in need of designing or procuring durable product identification. I bring over twenty years of experience to my role. Much of that time includes experience working with designers, engineers, program managers and buyers in every phase of product launch, working with them to identify and achieve successful product identification with appropriate branding. Outside of McLoone, I am a wife and a mother of an active teenage boy, young adult girl, sassy elder cat and spunky black lab-mix pup. In my spare time I like to cook and sing.

Recent Posts

Is a Nameplate Essential to Your Business?

by Vicky Bowie on Apr 14, 2020

The last few weeks have been different on many levels for every one of us. There is not a single industry or profession that has missed being...

Common Attachment for Fence SIgns

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Creative Tips For Designing Fence Signage

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Effective Adhesive Options for Attachment of Nameplates and Labels

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 28, 2020

A standard element of nameplate and label design is how to attach to the mating surface. After all, the nicest looking nameplate does no good if...

Color Influences for Brand Recognition

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 25, 2020

One of the main questions for any nameplate or label that is being created centers on color. Color is one of the primary pieces of any marketing...

Common Plastic Material Options for Labels, Decals and Overlays

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 20, 2020

Plastic is a flexible material suitable for product identification across many markets. It can also be used on products exposed to harsh...

Common Metal Options for Durable Nameplates and Badges

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 18, 2020

Metal is a durable material suitable for product identification across all markets, especially products and applications that are exposed to harsh...

Premium Outdoor Metal Nameplates eBook

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 13, 2020

Create a strong impression with metal nameplates. Each custom creation is designed to uniquely meet your needs with your branding in mind.Done...

Is Your Nameplate Memorable?

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 6, 2020

Recently I came across an interesting statistic surrounding the topic of building a brand that it takes 5-7 interactions before a consumer...

How Asset Tags Help Your Bottom Line

by Vicky Bowie on Feb 4, 2020

Calls come in with companies looking for solutions that help them identify their products - sometimes it is strictly for branding purposes....