Embossed Buttons on Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Jul 9, 2019
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Product branding takes into consideration placement of logos, amount of text and color combinations. Another element to consider is how to incorporate functional aspects to nameplates and labels. Polycarbonate graphic overlays are prime examples for this. Many times it is important to design touch control buttons to the overlay. One way to do this is with custom embossed areas.

Embossed Graphic Overlays

Graphics and artwork details are applied to the back side of the material, resulting in natural protection for the copy and graphics. Custom embossed tooling pushes the plastic material up from the surface to create the button. This provides a tactile indicator for the product user so that it is easy to know where to push in order to activate a function. Embossing the overlay surface delivers a unique look and feel. In addition to embossing the material, selective texture or gloss can further distinguish the button.

embossed buttons on graphic overlay by McLoone

Polycarbonate (also known as LEXAN®) is an economical material solution for applications that require functional elements like the embossed buttons featured here. This plastic substrate is available as high gloss clear or velvet texture in thicknesses ranging from .005" - .030". Further, it is resistant to chemicals, heat and abrasions, making it a material of choice for nearly any indoor equipment and industrial nameplate. Food service and medical equipment overlays are just a couple of examples of applications that can be found using this plastic substrate.

Selective Adhesive for Secure Attachment

Many overlays with embossed buttons are designed with selective areas of pressure sensitive adhesive. This is done so the adhesive is not applied to the embossed area, so as not to interfere with the controls behind the buttons. The contact surface area with the adhesive bonds to the mating surface resulting in secure attachment.

embossed graphic overlay back

How Can We Help?

Are you looking for a durable solution for branding your product with a graphic overlay? A full array of decorative processes and material options is available for review and discussion. Check out our Substrate Guide as a starting point. Our Customer Care team is ready to answer questions and help find the best answer for your application. 

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