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Fence signs can be compared to ID plates found on equipment. Both have an objective centered on communication. ID plates focus on critical operation and safety information for a piece of equipment. Fence signs are focused on sharing information for a contractor or specific directives on who is allowed access to an area. Sometimes caution signs are necessary for fences.

fence sign design tips

Let's look at some common design elements for ID plates that also apply to fence signs.

1. Order information logically, only listing what is necessary. Clearly display information so it is large enough to read on the fence sign and arranged in order of importance. 

2. Present information in a simple, clean layout. Take into consideration the type of information that needs to be shown. Graphics need to be easily visible against the background. 

3. Use size to signify level of importance. Typically every inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability. When in doubt, make it bigger. Past and future customers won't connect your sign or logo with anything if the can't easily read what it says.

4. Place clear labels for each piece of information. This is more applicable to the design of ID plates, but I kept it in line for fence signs. Along with layout and font size, be sure that it is clear that the information shown is a company name, or a phone number.

5. Take care with typography. Use typefaces with standard shapes, uniform stroke width, and limit embellishments. Letters need to be easily identified and contrast with the background for best readability.

6. Stick to a basic color palette. Don't be afraid of color for fence signs. That said, keep it simple because too many colors complicates the information. A fence sign that is too complicated or hard to read can get in the way of the message. 

Fence signage is an effective and economical way to advertise your company. Keeping the design of these signs simple, means easy to read communication. The tips above are just some of the suggestions found in the eBook Effective Design for Equipment Tags. Download a copy to learn more.

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