How Custom Shapes Enhance Nameplate Design

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Sep 24, 2019
Vicky Bowie

When it comes to showcasing your name on your product, the shape of a nameplate is a big deal. Drawing attention to your logo is typically the center reason for using a custom shape as opposed to traditional circle, square, or oval. Here are some examples of great nameplates and labels which have taken advantage of designing product identification with unique shapes.

custom shape nameplates and labels

Stamping or blanking your nameplate so the outer periphery of the nameplate follows the outline of your logo creates a nameplate where the focus is the logo. The background is removed allowing the nameplate to be applied to products in a range of colors without needing to color key the background.

A custom shaped nameplate is as unique as your brand. A full range of options to decorate and enhance the design is open for consideration. Metal and flexible substrates, flat die cut parts, dimensional embossed graphics, 3D domed labels - these are just some of the customized elements that can take your product identification from every day to extra ordinary.

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