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Looking to Make an Impact with Your Sign? Add Color!

The topic of color and whether it is the right thing to include in a metal sign or badge comes up frequently. Color adds interest and grabs attention, making a sign memorable. Being able to catch attention and draw consumers is part of many advertising strategies. In fact, 67% of consumers say they purchased a service or product because the sign caught their eye. What an opportunity to make an impact!

Color and Finish Options for Metal Signs and Nameplates

Translate your message into noticeable outdoor signage. Color and contrast expresses confidence and creates a bold, memorable, and readable sign. There are many options and varieties of color and finish combinations for metal signs and nameplates. 

  • Spot Color - opaque, transparent and metallic colors with PMS color match.

  • Color Gradients - subtle variations in color hues can be achieved using half tones and fades.

  • Process Color (CMYK) - wide spectrum of options can be achieved.

  • Brushed Silver Finish

  • Brushed Gold Finish

  • Polished Silver Finish


How Can We Help?

Color should not be an area of concern when you are designing your metal sign. It grabs attention, making your brand stand out. McLoone has a long history of providing quality parts meeting or exceeding expectations of our customers. Let us work with you to make sure your next sign or nameplate has the right color to keep your brand looking good.

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