3 Reasons to Use a Nameplate for Product Identification

attractive nameplates and labels enhance brand identityWhen it is time to begin considering the type of branding that will be used for your product it may be easy to dismiss incorporating a separate nameplate or label.

Instead you may be tempted to buy into the school of thought that a pad-printed or transfer logo is a better option. Here are three reasons why you should use a nameplate for your product identification.

1. Cost Effective - A nameplate is a cost effective way to get your brand onto the product in lieu of pad printing or molding into the product. 

2. More than a Sticker - A nameplate can be the eye-catching element that differentiates your product from others in the market. It speaks to the perceived value of the product.

3. Brand AwarenessNameplates and labels increase brand awareness with a look and feel which cannot be achieved through transfer decoration. 

How Can We Help?

Over sixty years of experience in helping product designers and engineers create brand-elevating product identification has taught us a few things. Let us help you with a cost effective solution for your nameplate.

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