Common Metal Options for ID Plates

Identification plates and data plates are often exposed to harsh environments, including UV rays, extreme heat or cold, and certain cleaning chemicals. Metal is the most common material solution that results in durable and robust parts. This post reviews the types of metal offered by McLoone.


Aluminum is often used for ID plates, in order that they can withstand exposure to dirt, chemicals, heat, sunlight, vibration, and other harsh conditions. Industrial nameplates made from aluminum have value for a wide variety of applications on heavy machinery, power tools, generators, and much more. 

Advantages of Aluminum for ID Plates

Aluminum is chemical resistant, highly recyclable, lightweight, and durable. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, can be formed to take on any desired shape, and can be embossed for permanent markings or for branding purposes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular substrate for either indoor or outdoor applications; usually those that must withstand harsh environments. ID plates and badges made from stainless steel are durable and long-lasting, and can be used for a variety of industrial products including; construction and mining equipment, food service equipment, and appliance trim. 

Advantages of Stainless Steel for Industrial Applications

Stainless steel nameplates, badges and decorative trim last many years in nearly any environment. Stainless steel is resistant to both dents and corrosion; its strength makes it ideal for industrial data plates, rating plates, and information tags.

Decorating Options for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Standard screen printing decoration is possible with artwork that shows basic one or two color designs. Customization is possible with serialized numbers and unique artwork for graphics. Take into consideration that steel weighs more than aluminum and can cost more than other metals. It is worth noting that aluminum can take on the appearance of other metals like brass or stainless steel by applying transparent tints of color to the surface. 

Diverse Metal Material Options

From warning labels and ID plates to attention grabbing nameplates and overlays, all your product identification needs are met with diverse metal options from a single source. While this post has outlined the most common materials offered for ID plates, other types of metal can be reviewed on a case by case scenario.

How Can We Help?

Communicating critical information for proper operation and maintenance of industrial equipment deserves careful consideration. Aluminum and stainless steel are reliable and durable solutions for the harsh conditions these applications will face. Need help identifying the right substrate for your equipment? Our Customer Care team is ready to review and work with you.