Differentiate Your Brand with QR Codes

It is no secret how much emphasis is put on branding and standing out in the market during product design. A QR code is one option in nameplate design that can enhance those objectives. With all of e-resources available for the consumer, they’re able to research products from to comfort of home, on the road, and even in the store. Having a QR code directly on your product is a convenient way for consumers to research information on that particular product without having to sort through hundreds of other items. It also allows you to keep your informational nameplate or label clean and interesting.

A QR code can take your customer to any website that you want, whether it’s information about your company and products, a coupon, or even upcoming promotional events. It’s that mystery that draws people in to scan that code, to see where it takes them, even if they aren’t in the need of your product right now.  They’ll remember you for when they do. A recent article published in Target Marketing magazine states "Brands, agencies and traditional marketers are finding innovative ways to utilize mobile bar codes as an effective means of passing product information in-store, bringing static ads to life and engaging with customers through contests or loyalty reward systems."

Here is a prime example of an overlay which incorporates QR codes. Each code correlates to a respective model. This makes the overlay a cost effective label in that one label can be used on multiple parts, keeping inventory and order processing at a minimum. It is a great example reinforcing how brands can interact with their customers and product users.

variable data qr codes printed for labels and branding

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QR codes can be printed on both metal and plastic substrates, so it opens up the possibility to be used on any nameplate or label. The next time you’re looking for a unique way to market your company and products, think about incorporating a QR code or some other variable data into your nameplates and labels. We're ready when you are to review options.

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