Is it Time to Reconsider Your Nameplate and Label Strategy?

Without a doubt today's world is changing for how people interact, both personally and professionally. Face-to-face meetings, on-site presentations, product demonstrations are all needing to be evaluated and in many cases changed. Are you finding that your nameplate and label strategy is needing review? Here are three quick ways to double check if an update to artwork, material, or ordering patterns need to be updated.

nameplate and label strategy tips

Has Your Message Changed?

Many product labeling has requirements for industry-related messaging, operator instructions, cautionary statements, etc. Does your nameplate or label need to be updated in order to stay compliant? If so, blueprints and artwork files need to be updated for text and graphic changes. 

Is the Material for Your Nameplate or Label Effective?

Extra sanitizing has been promoted as one step to prevent the spread. Is your current nameplate or label material able to withstand exposure to the additional cleaning? This may be a good time to review if added protection of a laminate or different top coat is needed so that your product identification remains legible and intact.

Is Your Supplier Able to Keep Up?

When stay at home orders were communicated, assembly lines were placed on hold. As states open up, these lines need to have the inventory of parts to build product. Everything from consumer electronics to packaged goods, power tools to truck boxes need to have product identification. Communication with your nameplate and label supplier is key. Lead times may be affected and flexibility to meet demand is key. This is opportunity to review the next few months and place orders so that your supplier is able to adjust accordingly. 

How Can We Help?

McLoone has taken steps to be as responsive as possible to our customers. Our Customer Care and Production teams are ready to work with you to make sure that your nameplate and label needs are taken care of. We're in this with you and are here to support your brand strategy.

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