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iso 9001 certification by bsiWhen it is time to source a vendor for your product identification you want to be able to trust the supplier to deliver quality parts. One way to help sort through the potential sources is to review if there is any type of Quality Certification.

In 2004, McLoone became ISO 9001:2008 certified. Since that time, we have maintained our ISO compliance system by strenuously monitoring quality on every order we produce. The results of our efforts have been improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and shorter lead times.

quality parts produced by iso certified manufacturer

Quality is not an after-thought here. It is one of the most important aspects of any manufacturing process today. Delivering exceptional quality has always been the top priority at McLoone. 

"The dedication and commitment of all our employees, especially our internal auditors, proves to be key to our on-going success. ISO certification demonstrates a commitment towards quality, continuous improvement and sustainment. This provides our customers with added confidence in their decision to partner with McLoone." - James Larson, Quality Manager

In 2017, McLoone earned ISO 9001:2015 certification in anticipation of the requirements for product identification and to further demonstrate a commitment to providing quality products and services. The changes are significant compared with the 2008 version. To be certified an organization needs to demonstrate leadership level involvement according to these most recent quality management system standards, the ability to demonstrate more clearly than before that processes in the organization are being improved continuously and potential risks are being countered.

This certification confirms McLoone values its commitment to quality, service, innovation, flexibility and reliability with more than just words.

How Can We Help?

Customers in any industry share in benefits of McLoone obtaining and retaining certification for the Quality System. Actions taken to improve efficiencies and productivity become standard processes and procedures. Let our Customer Care team work with you on your specific requirements. We're here to help.


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