Where and When Digital Printing Makes Sense for Product Labels and Overlays

While the majority of the custom labels, decals, and product overlays are produced with screen printing, McLoone has also invested in digital technology to give our customers an advantage when it comes to short-run orders and fast turn-around time. 

Digital Printing = Cost Effective Label Solution

Short run orders with colorful graphics or variable data including bar codes benefit from the efficiency of digital printing. Family parts can be combined into the production job for added flexibility and kitted packing of labels. 

digital printing as durable solution for product labels and overlaysBenefits of Digital Printing

High Quality: Digital printing offers impressive quality and consistency over screen printing for product labels and overlays. 

Material Options: Flexible material less than .010" thick that include polyester, vinyl, polycarbonates, and polypropylenes can be customized with your full color artwork and graphics. A variety of materials is in stock including reflective, metallic, holographic, aluminum foil and more.

Short Runs: Digital printing is an efficient process for short to medium print runs.

Customization: Digital printing provides the most affordable solution to customize with full color artwork, variable data and bar codes.

Durability: Thermal transfer processes are equivalent to screen printed in terms of industrial and household chemical resistance. Additional protection can be secured with an overlaminate clear cap.

Limitations for Digital Printing

While digital printing is an effective solution for many application, there are situations where traditional screen printing is a better answer.

Digital printing uses four-six color processing to build images. Sometimes an exact match to a Pantone (PMS) color can be challenging.

At this time, digital printing at McLoone is only offered on lightweight, flexible substrates. Metal nameplates, overlays and badges are produced with screen printing process.

Applications for Digital Printed Labels and Overlays

Digital printing at McLoone is ideal to produce effective indoor and outdoor labels, POP displays, signs and decals on lightweight substrates. Some examples of products that showcase labels and overlays that are digitally printed include:

  • Industrial equipment safety labels

  • Food service warming equipment overlays

  • Medical instrumentation overlays and labels

  • Power sports equipment warning and branding labels

  • Electronic device asset tracking labels

How Can We Help?

Are you searching for a vendor who can supply quick-turn, consistent labels for your product identification or asset tracking needs? We are ready to work with you to create effective labels and overlays that convey the right message for your strategy.

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