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Posted by Vicky Bowie on Jul 25, 2019
Vicky Bowie
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productshapesProduct design naturally involves branding. Branding goes hand in hand with nameplates and labels. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate all the elements that come into play for product identification. Many designers keep a healthy library of reference material to help. 

Here is a handy list of downloadable resources available from McLoone that take into consideration best practices along with examples and explanations. Topics include substrate, tooling, surface decorating and decorating options. 

1. Nameplate Substrate Guide - explores metal and plastic material options to help define requirements for your product identification.

2. Nameplates with Staying Power Adhesive Review - walks through factors that affect product branding adhesion to help you choose a nameplate with staying power.

3. Shaping up Metal Nameplates - explore how choosing the shape of your nameplate carefully can help capture the attention of your customers.

4. 5 Building Blocks for Metal Namplate Design - step through 5 basic building blocks for all types of nameplates and labels that will elevate your brand.

5. Metal Nameplates that Stand Out Embossing eBook - options in embossing nameplates to increase the impact of your product identification.

6. Finish eBook - options using finishes to give your product identification a boost with patterns, custom colors and special effects. 

6. 7 Ways to Increase Product Branding Impact - practical examples and discussion of how incorporating background finishes into your product identification can enhance brand awareness, increase perceived value of your product and make a lasting impact in the market.

How Can We Help?

These resources are tools to use as you develop your product and brand identification. The process can seem overwhelming, but there is no need to be stressed. Work with us and see why brands in all types of industries trust us with their nameplate and label needs. We can help you, too! 


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