One-Stop Shop for Product Identification

Working with commercial printers and OEMs in nearly every industry has taught us a few things. One of those is that each project is unique. Another is that any company has potential for more than one type of nameplate or label. This makes it necessary for a diverse offering of materials and products to fully support the needs for functional and decorated graphic solutions. 

Benefits of a One-Stop Shop

A vendor who can supply nameplates and labels across product lines means you, as the customer, can realize some great benefits:

  • Consistent color across parts and materials
  • Streamlined purchase orders
  • Savings in shipping and receiving costs compared to having multiple suppliers for similar products

Material Options

Versatile metal and plastic options are offered that are suitable for use with indoor and outdoor applications as well as on products that are exposed to harsh environments including sunlight/UV rays, hot or cold climates, and exposure to chemicals or cleaning products.


Thickness and Finish

.002" Matte and Bright Foil
.012"-.032" Mill Finish and Bright
.012"-.063" Anodized
.062"-.090" Mill Finish
Stainless Steel
.018"-.036" Brushed
.005"-.030" Clear, Velvet, Weatherable
.002" White, Clear, Matte Silver, Brushed Silver, Bright Silver, Imprintable, Reflective
.005"-.010" Clear
.002"-.004" Standard
.007" Static Cling
.010"-.065" Rigid


More than Nameplates and Labels

Being a trusted partner for OEMs and commercial printers to provide ID plates, nameplates, labels and graphic overlays has also opened the door to supply other types of products.

Metal Blanks and Tags - Custom blank metal tags in aluminum and stainless steel are designed so you can mark your property, track your assets, and identify your equipment. Metal tags will last decades in the harshest environments and will not degrade over time. All metal tags are customizable, including the material, size, shape, and number of holes.

Die-Cut Components - Die-cut components solve specific problems such as sound dampening, shielding, electrical insulation, thermal management, bonding, gap filling, sealing, air flow, and overheating. This type of product is ordered and supplied without decoration - simply cut from appropriate material, to the size and shape needed.

Fence Signage - Translate your message into noticeable outdoor signage. There are many options and varieties of color and finish combinations for metal signs and nameplates. 

How Can We Help?

Brands across the globe and on a variety of products from sporting goods and furniture to automotive aftermarket and medical equipment trust McLoone to produce attractive nameplates, graphic overlays, labels, and equipment ID plates time after time. We will work with you to find the right solution for all your product identification needs.

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