Positionable Decals for Effective Product Identification

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Jul 23, 2019
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One aspect of assembling a label to the product that can be challenging is making sure that it is straight. This becomes an even greater concern when there are individual letters. You want to make sure that the characters line up in the correct sequence as well as being level. One way to help with this is to design the decal so that there is a positioning mask on the surface of the label.

A mask that is placed across the surface of the plastic label is a convenient way to make sure that all the separate pieces are straight and in line when it is assembled to the surface of the product. The mask is laminated after the plastic material is decorated and die cut to the correct outlines. It stays on the surface of the decal until it is applied to the surface of the product. Simply pull the mask off and the result is an attractive label which now showcases the brand on the product.Smith Victor Label1

The example shown here is for a label attached to studio lights. There are multiple individual letters and a unique shape to the part. The characters are die cut to the liner with the clear mask laminated over the entire part. 

Smith Victor Label3The mask pulls away from the liner while keeping the die cut letters in sequence, allowing for the label to be placed in position on the surface of the product. The straight top cut of the mask lines up with a straight edge designed into the form of the lighting fixture. Pressure sensitive adhesive secures the label will stay in place for the life of the product.

Smith Victor Lighting Label

This is a clean and simple design which looks very nice on the end product. It shows off the logo, bringing awareness to the brand. This design uses one color decoration of opaque white. Options for decoration are nearly endless with color combinations as wide as an imagination.

How Can We Help?

Product identification that incorporates multiple die cut characters does not need to be a struggle. Effective solutions using flexible material and custom color development will give a finished look to the product while showcasing your brand with attractive labels. We have the experience to help identify a solution for your needs!

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