Adhesive Solution for Rough Surfaces

Common questions that arise during discussion of effective and lasting solutions for nameplates and badges are centered on the staying power, or how well the adhesive used will stick to the mating surface. Answers and recommendations are very dependent on the type of surface and in what type of environment will the product and nameplate be exposed.

These may seem like trivial elements. After all, you just have one goal - the nameplate needs to stay put! In truth, they are very important because a surface like a textured plastic case or a powder coated pump reacts differently to adhesives than a smooth painted or untreated metal surface.

With smooth or untreated surfaces, typically there is an easy flow of the adhesive as it is pressed into place. In other words, the contact area is able to be maximized which results in good bonding between the mating parts. Surfaces that are uneven, whether it be a texture or paint or some other irregularity, result in less contact area for the adhesive to bond to. For these types of surfaces foam adhesive can be an effective solution. Here's why.

foam adhesive is effective bonding solution for nameplates to stick to rough surfaces

Foam Adhesive Fills Surface Gaps

Foam adhesive fills gaps allowing irregular surfaces to be joined. It is a high tack adhesive that bonds to most surfaces including powder coated metal. The foam has adhesive on the front and back sides, which allows for a tight bond for attachment between the nameplate and end product. It comes in black and white colors as well as a variety of thicknesses.

Foam Adhesive = Depth and Insulation

In addition to evening out a rough surface, foam adhesive can add perceived depth to a badge so that it stands up proud from the surface. It provides a fill of the space in a formed over edge for improved durability of the part. Foam adhesive also can act as an insulator for parts that are subject to high temperatures or vibration like engine nameplates or in an industrial setting.  

How Can We Help?

Have a surface that needs special attention? We can help with custom and innovative solutions to fit your unique needs. We work closely with adhesive manufacturers to provide you the best solution. Learn more about adhesive options with our Nameplates with Staying Power eBook.

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