Boost Your Business Card with Metal

Even with virtual meetings and interactions it is a big deal to make an impression. Business cards have traditionally been a tool used for introduction, to communicate contact information as well as provide a memorable keepsake. When it comes to ordering business cards, it can be tempting to turn to standard paper materials. Here are some ways that metal can boost your business card, making an impact, being memorable, and standing out from other cards.



Make an impact. In today's world of constant distractions, you need something that differentiates from the rest. Sessions College for Professional Design said,

"Unexpected features on a business card not only stand out from the other, they also showcase that you're innovative and unique."

An aluminum business card is one way to stand out and be different. One statistic indicates that 88% of printed paper cards end up being tossed in the garbage. Metal cards have a plunk factor which carries with it an air of luxury and status, increasing their perceived value over traditional paper. 

Be memorable. One reason that business cards work for networking among professionals is that it gives something tangible to remember an interaction with the other person. A metal business card looks and feels different than paper. Aluminum can be decorated to look like other metals, or incorporate unique textures and patterns for a sophisticated look. Options include:

  • Geometrics

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Distressed Finishes

Keep it simple. Basic contact information can simply be incorporated into the artwork for a metal business card. This is very similar to the standard paper card layout. Metal is more robust and durable than paper. Contact information will not fade away or get ruined if it goes through the washer. Both sides of the metal card can be decorated, which means versatility in design.

Simplicity lends itself to the familiarity of staying within standard size and shape for business cards. However, this does not mean you are limited by those standards. Straying outside the box with a unique shape or cutout adds interest without taking away from the overall intent. 

How Can We Help?

The possibilities for using aluminum to boost with business cards are limited only by your imagination. McLoone has a long history of working with companies to support their brand strategy through personalized business cards and other promotional material. We can help you find the right look and feel to make an impact and stand out. Contact us for more information.

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