New Normal Not So New at McLoone

As this year winds down, it is typical to look back on accomplishments and major events that have happened. 2020 serves as a reminder for everyone of just how important relationships are. Looking forward to 2021, there is talk of bringing to life a new normal. This may include things like keeping remote work, adjusting cleaning regimes, and practicing a more conscious awareness of in-person gathering.

At McLoone, it has been imperative for our customers on the front lines that we maintain production throughout this year. We made the commitment and focus to work to take care of customers as well as keep our employees safe. Adjustments in work schedules to separate shifts on the production floor as well as finding ways to have administrative roles work remotely have been made. These changes have been accepted and embraced by all departments, which has allowed us to maintain our relationships with all of our customers.

Working Together at McLoone

Talking with Steve Limberg, our VP of Operations, a new normal doesn't take away from the fundamentals of our focus. He states, "We want to continually improve safety, quality, productivity, and delivery. Good companies strive to do and be better tomorrow. Instead of moving people to the work from the front end to the back end, we have moved orders to the people. We may have changed how we communicate with each other including wearing masks, distancing ourselves, and incorporating video calls both internally and with our customers, but we have not changed who we are - a dedicated group of people who care about each other and getting the job done."

It has been inspiring to work through everything that has happened this year and the adjustments made. As we move through the last few weeks into a new year, things are positive. Mcloone is pegged to stay on track as a reliable partner for our customers, and a safe place for our employees to work. Let's make 2021 a great year and do this together!

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