Embossed Polycarbonate Overlay Stands Out on Product

A nameplate or label that is featured on a product can become a functional part of operating that piece of equipment. A graphic overlay is a great example of this.

embossed polycarbonate graphic overlayCommercial food preparation equipment can tend to be flat from a design perspective - stainless steel housing with some warning or caution labels, knobs and buttons. I like how this example takes a different spin on this and uses a bright red color for the graphic overlay. The graphics are simply white text, making it easy to see. Functional embossed buttons make operating the equipment intuitive - each button is raised up and decorated black background. A clear LED window near the top allows information to show through when the equipment is being used.

Seeing this embossed overlay in application makes it more impressive to me. It stands out so it is very clear where the operational buttons are. I also like how the company name and logo are included. It shows how possible it is to include branding information even when the product identification is a functional piece.

embossed graphic overlay on equipment

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