Where and When it Makes Sense to Use Doming for Impressive Labels

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Jul 30, 2019
Vicky Bowie
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When is it right to use a domed process on a label? This is a question that can come up for any product identification need. The answer is very dependent on what your application requires. This post takes a look at the process as well as applications that have been shown to work well with it.

doming process on nameplates

What is Doming?

The 3D effect domed finish is a result of pouring a clear, automotive grade, polyurethane resin onto a nameplate or label. This resin is cured to form a protective dome. Doming can be applied to both metal and plastic materials.

Advantages of Domed Labels

  • Protection against harsh environments including sun, heat, cold, rain, and saltwater

  • Resistance to chemicals, detergents and moisture

  • Self-healing and scratch resistant

  • Withstands temperature ranges from -50°F to 250°F


Common Places and Products that use Domed Labels

  • Labeling whirlpools, bathrooms, kitchen appliances and hardware

  • Outdoor sporting equipment

  • Vending machines

  • Automotive and aftermarket industry

  • Durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, orthopedic braces

  • Computers

  • Point of purchase displays

How Can We Help?

Doming is a durable process that adds dimension to product identification. From standard shapes to out of the ordinary and unique branding solutions, we can work with you to find the right solution that will enhance your presence in the market.

domed nameplates and labels are durable and an effective way to boost brand awareness

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