Get it Right the First Time: Preproduction Samples and Free Concept Drawings

We’ve said it hundreds of times, nameplates are important. They play a huge role in your brand strategy, keeping your company front-of-mind for consumers. They help reinforce your message and, if done right, can increase the perceived value of your product. The key though, is to make sure it’s saying the right thing – which can be tricky. But we’re here to make sure your nameplate does just that! One of the easiest ways for us to make sure you love your nameplate, is preproduction samples and FREE concept drawings!

One of the many benefits of preproduction samples is the ability to see and feel the quality of your potential metal nameplate. We’ve all purchased something online and it shows up on our doorstep, only to look drastically different than it did in the picture. That’s exactly what we want to avoid, so we’ll work with you to create concept drawings and then we send you physical nameplate samples! But our goal is not only to exceed your expectations with the visual aspect, we also want the fit and function to be perfect as well. So, your pre-production samples are the perfect time to test out size, shape, and adhesive!

Here are some examples of preproduction samples made for a Patio Furniture company:



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We’re trusted by brands across the globe to produce attractive, durable metal nameplates that work seamlessly with your brand identity. Whether it’s a brand new project or maybe you’re just looking for a little refresh, we’ve got a team of professionals that’ll work with you to design the perfect nameplate for your products. Take advantage of our free, no strings attached concept drawings. Reach out and we can get started on your project!


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