What is Pantone?

What is Pantone? We mention it a few times throughout our site because we offer color matching to your PMS. Which is great, but if you have no idea what it means for you or your project, it's worthless and you might've used some colorful language trying to figure it out, (pun intended 😉). You can read more in depth about it is here, but we'll give a short rundown of what it means when you work with McLoone in this blog post!



If you choose to incorporate your brand colors into your product identification, you want them to match the colors on your website and the colors on your social media. Inconsistent color across the board creates confusion for your customers, which is not good. The Pantone Color Matching System ensures the colors will match and remain consistent. If you send your Pantone Color Number, we'll know exactly how to create that color and what it should look like. 

For example, we'll use the global brand Red Bull, an instantly recognizable red and yellow. Typically, you can find a Hex color (looks like #DB0A40), an RGB (looks like R: 219, G: 10, B: 64), and CMYK (looks like: C: 5 M:100 Y: 65 K: 0). The Pantone color looks like: PMS: 192 C. The PMS number and the letter, in bold, are what we're referring to. 


Don't worry, if you don't have your Pantone Color Number, we can also do custom color matching! And we'll keep that information on file so that on your next project, we're all ready to go. Hopefully, this cleared up any confusion you might have surrounding Pantone or PMS color matching. 

If you'd like more information about color at McLoone, check out this blog post!

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