3 Signs Your Product Identification is in Need of a Makeover

3 signs it is time to update your nameplate design

In today's attention-crazed consumer landscape, it is a major concern for your product identification to be an element of your design that promotes brand awareness. Staying ahead of competition and in line with the rest of your marketing initiatives should be part of your product design discussions. Maybe it's been awhile since you've taken a look at your badges or nameplates. Or perhaps your company has undergone some changes. Either way, here are three sure signs that it is time for a nameplate makeover.

Your Logo has Changed

Your logo is your face on your product. When a corporate logo has changed it is important to update the branding across your products. Take time to evaluate colors, the best shape for your nameplate as well as placement on to your product.

Your Product Line has Changed

Are you looking to expand your product line? Or has it been awhile since you have released your product to the market? Consider a refresh to update or enhance your brand awareness in order to stay current. An updated look can elevate and re-energize your brand.

Your Competition has Changed

Staying aware of how your product and brand compare to others in the market is a key part of any brand strategy. If your product doesn't stand out, it can be looked over - and this turns into product staying on the shelf instead of moving through checkouts. Take a look at how you compare and see if there is opportunity to enhance your presence.

How Can We Help?

Ready to tackle your nameplate redesign but need some guidance? Our customer service representatives are available to help work with you to find the right solution for your updated nameplate. 

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