3 Things to Expect From a Nameplate Design Project

Undertaking the responsibility of product identification and nameplate design can seem like a daunting task. There are many variables that come into play - What type of nameplate is needed? What information needs to be called out? What type of material is it made from? How will it attach to the product? Where does it ship from? Are there industry specs that need to be met? Is it exposed to indoor or outdoor environment? Who will you order from?

Is your head spinning yet thinking about how all of this impacts your day and potentially the launch of your product? Take a deep breath. You've come to the right place to find some answers! Bonus points that McLoone has a proven history of supplying nameplates, labels and overlays to companies just like yours.

With the time and cost that gets invested in this type of project, I thought it might be helpful to outline some of the main things to expect during nameplate design. These are general areas and certainly not intended to be all-encompassing nor to suggest that every project will be this detailed. Product identification is as unique as the brand that the nameplate or label is displaying. We get that.

collaboration with McLoone for unique nameplates and labels results in enhanced brand awareness

Expect a Partnership with Your Supplier

Working with McLoone, you are treated as a valued partner working together to accomplish your branding goals. A culture of trust and collaboration results in strong relationships built on integrity. 

Partnering with McLoone will involve project discussions to answer basic questions so we are all on the same page:

  • What is your objective for your product identification? Is this a decorative or industrial application? 

  • What are your timing needs?

  • What type of material and decoration is needed?

  • How will the nameplate or label be attached to your product?

  • Do you require first article or prototype approval before production runs are kicked off? 

  • What budget or cost limits exist? 

Many times the answers to these questions will be found in general discussion. Other times it may be necessary to outline a specific project timeline and make sure that specific paperwork or certifications are obtained. Sometimes this can include sensitive or confidential product information. We understand this and take that trust seriously. No worries - these are areas that our team is familiar with and will work closely with you to produce a quality part that meets your unique specifications and schedule. 

Expect the Need for Decisions to be Made

Throughout the process of nameplate design, decision making will be required to move the project forward. We provide you with the necessary cost and lead time information so that your orders can be processed in an efficient manner. Artwork proofs, color chips or pre-production prototypes are all potential items that may come into play for you to sign off on and give the go-ahead for things to continue moving through the plant. 

Expect a Custom Solution

Working with commercial printers and OEMs in nearly every industry has taught us a few things over the past 60 years. One of those is that each project is unique. Sure, there may be common variables like logos or fonts that come into play across multiple parts for a specific customer. That does not change the fact that each project comes with its own set of parameters and requirements that need to be met. That said, each run has been custom engineered to meet expectations. Some of the value-added services that are provided include

  • Collaboration from concept to production - You are kept in the loop every step of the way.

  • Diverse material offerings - Metal and plastic substrates are available so all your identification needs can be met with a single source.

  • Graphic layout assistance -  All major graphic software programs are supported to convert your design into effective brand building labels and nameplates.

  • Tooling options -  A library with thousands of dies means many options for your nameplate and label needs. In-house tooling means quick turnaround for custom builds.

  • Color Matching - From standard Pantone to custom colors, a unique formula is developed and kept on file for consistency from run to run and part to part.

  • Custom Engineering - We work with you to understand your needs and then identify the right mix of materials and processes that result in durable parts that stand the test of time. Included with this may be special pack or kitting of parts to increase efficiency in your assembly and ordering processes.

What all of these expectations in nameplate design boil down to, is the ability of a supplier to provide reliable solutions that fit your timing and cost needs. You should feel comfortable working with us for all your product identification needs - no matter if your intent is to elevate your brand and perceived value of your product with an eye-catching metal nameplate or simply communicate operating and safety information to the product user with a basic identification label. Metal or plastic. Just a few hundred pieces as a short run or several thousands at a time for a long term planned order routine. 

How Can We Help?

Ready to tackle your nameplate design but need some guidance? Or are you ready to jump right into reviewing pricing and lead times for production? Our Customer Care Team is available to help work with you to find the right identification solution. When your brand shines, we shine. 

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