3 Tips for Strengthening Your Brand Through Product Packaging

One of the cool things about working with companies to figure out a solution to stand out with their brand is that ah-ha moment in the conversation. That moment when it all comes together and there is synergy between all the collateral pieces of brand strategy. Product packaging is one piece of that puzzle. It also applies for nameplates and labels.

An article posted on MarketingProfs recently discussed the following 6 ways to strengthen a brand through product packaging. I found this to be insightful and very relevant for all aspects of product identification - ultimately when a nameplate is used for brand awareness or recognition, there is a specific message that is being conveyed. Does the nameplate need to reinforce that the featured product is unique, or does it showcase an iconic brand?

premium metal badge for brand promotion1 - Keep it Simple

The article stresses that it is important to stay true to a brand's values, personality, story, positioning and audience. Just say what you need to say - no need to over-embellish. Some of the greatest nameplate designs are very simple with just one or two colors that convey everything in a way that speaks to the intended market.

2 - Cater to a Target Audience

Consider who your audience is and what their needs are for branding. Your promotional item can be a luxury item that stands out, or it can be a throw-away label that simply attractively displays your information. Custom design elements including personalized call-outs or serial numbering adds a feeling of exclusivity and elevates the consumer experience.

3 - Be Unique 

Opportunities to showcase your brand exist in all sorts of places. You only get one chance to make that first impression.  Just like an eye-catching nameplate helps our product stand out from the competition, a premium badge for promotion can boost your brand. Consumers who feel catered to become brand evangelists. Any application you can imagine promoting your brand is possible to incorporate premium badges or tip-ons.

How Can We Help?

From aluminum and steel to vinyl and polyester, we manufacture with the latest printing technology. The more demanding the specs for your custom promotional badges and signage, the more our services stand out. We can help you find a solution that boosts your brand.


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