6 Industries Using Metal Nameplates, ID Plates, and Signage

Custom nameplates and labels reinforce a brand strategy, get you noticed in the market, and help your brand stand out from the competition. ID Plates communicate vital information for equipment installed both indoors and outdoors, in harsh environments, near heat, or those exposed to vibration and grease. OEMs in every industry from automotive and recreational equipment to industrial equipment and fence signage trust us for quality product identification. 


1. Automotive Aftermarket

Metal badges for automotive aftermarket include customized steering wheel inserts and trim emblems. These items are opportunity to carry premium branding into the interior decoration for the vehicle. The enhancements are items brand loyalists are willing to pay premium dollars to display.

recreational_boat2. Recreational Equipment

Similar to automotive aftermarket badging, recreational equipment nameplates showcase premium brands. These products are subject to harsh environments, various weather extremes, and hard use. Metal nameplates are resilient enough to stand up to the exposure and still look good for years to come.

3. restaurant-equipmentRestaurant Equipment

Food preparation and warming equipment in commercial settings need to have product identification that lasts. Convection ovens, meat slicers, and food processors come into contact with grease and oil as well as strong cleaners and disinfectants. Safe operating instructions as well as effective branding solutions are just some of the types of nameplates that can be made from metal.

4. truckboxTruck Boxes and Trailers

Truck boxes and trailers take some abuse given that they are installed to be used by men and women working outdoors or in industrial conditions. The badges and emblems on these products need to be rugged enough to take a hit from tools as well as durable to stand up to exposure to dirt, rain, snow, hot and cold extremes. Metal is a cost effective solution to make sure that the tool box showcases your brand in any of these situations.

5. industrialequipIndustrial Equipment

ID plates communicate critical details for proper use and maintenance of equipment for companies across the globe. Construction equipment, pumps, meters, and tools need to show relevant specs and tolerances. Model and serial plates provide information for voltage, pressure, and temperature ratings. 

6. custom shapes and sizes for metal signsFence Signs

Whether sharing contractor information at construction sites, business details for fence and deck installers, or custom branded outdoor signage for commercial businesses, metal fence signs are effective ways to get the word out about your business. Aluminum signs are screen printed with weather, fade, and scratch resistant heavy-duty inks for attractive vibrant colors.

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McLoone offers a diverse selection of material, processes and attachment solutions to effectively communicate the message and value for your brand. We understand the need to display critical operating instructions as well as how important it is to showcase your name. Thousands of brands trust us to deliver high quality product identification, ID plates, custom nameplates, labels and signage. Let's get started on your durable graphic solution.

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