6 Tips to Simplify ID Plates

Industrial equipment data plates are designed to serve a purpose - communication. Whether it is asset tracking, safe operating instructions, or showing compliance with certifications, every design supports that objective. 

Simple design tips for ID Plates

Here are six tips to simplify the design of ID plates.

1. Order information logically, only listing what is necessary. Clearly display information so it is large enough to read and arranged in order of importance to the user. A good general guide is to move from general to specific.

2. Present information in a simple, clean layout. Take into consideration the type of information that needs to be shown. Use a single-column format for straightforward layouts like model and serial number. Double-column format should be considered when there are numerous fields of data. Left-align copy for a natural flow and best readability.

3. Use size to signify level of importance. Font size depends on the context for the equipment plate and how much data is displayed. It must be large enough to be legible - 12 pt is recommended as a minimum. When in doubt, make it bigger.

4. Place clear labels for each field of data. This ensures clear communication of serial number, voltage ratings, weight information, etc. Don't assume it is understood.

5. Take care with typography. Use typefaces with standard shapes, uniform stroke width, and limit embellishments. Letters need to be easily identified and contrast with the background for best readability.

6. Stick to a basic color palette. Keep it simple with standard colors. Most metal data plates use just one color - black. Too many colors complicates the information. An ID plate that is too complicated or hard to read can get in the way of the critical communication.

Industrial data plates communicate equipment-specific information that is critical for proper use, maintenance, and display of safe operating tolerances, reducing the risk of damage or injury. Keeping the design of these equipment tags simple, means easy to read communication.

How Can We Help?

A diverse selection of material, processes and durable solutions is available to effectively display the vital information that will last the life of your product. Our Customer Care team is ready to review your ID plate needs. The tips above are taken from the eBook Effective Design for Equipment Tags. Download a copy to learn more.

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