Aged Metal Look Translated to Aluminum Surfaces

Patina finishes naturally exist on metal as the surface ages and becomes oxidized. This look can be achieved on aluminum to simulate that exposure to the elements. Aluminum can take on the look of other metals like brass or pewter.

Weathered and patina look for metal surface decoration

Products from sporting goods and furniture to POP displays and packaging can be found using a distressed or patina finish to appear to be worn or aged. It is an attractive way to showcase craftsmanship and character which can increase the perceived value of a product.

patina finish on embossed aluminum badgeAn example of this can be seen in this badge created for a DVD package. The metal has a well-worn and weathered look that plays right in line with the rugged target market for the video series. Embossed features accented with tones and details of the faux patina finish result in a very dimensional looking part. It has the appearance of a forged, heavy piece of metal while actually being very lightweight.

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