Button Options for Plastic Labels and Overlays

Equipment overlays made from plastic material like polycarbonate or polyester are commonly designed to include functional elements like buttons. This post steps through some of the options used to create buttons, including visual and tactile features.

embossed buttons on graphic overlayEmbossed Buttons on Polycarbonate Overlays

Custom tooling pushes the plastic material up from the surface to create the button, providing a tactile indicator for the product user so that it is easy to know where to push in order to activate a function. 

Embossing the overlay surface delivers a unique look and feel. In addition to embossing the material, selective texture or gloss can further distinguish the button.

embossed border button on graphic overlay

Embossed Button Borders

Embossed borders create visual and tactile dimension to define the location of a button on plastic overlays and instrumentation panels. 

An embossed border provides a different look to the button from standard push buttons. Only the perimeter rather than the entire surface of the button is raised up, drawing attention to the specific area.

Buttons as Graphic Elements

graphic buttons on plastic overlayThere may be times where simply displaying a graphic for the button is enough. When this is the case, no additional tooling should be necessary. The look of an embossed feature can be achieved with gradient colors.

Instead of raised areas, the surface remains smooth with only visual dimension. The artwork itself creates the designation for the location of the button. 

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