Gradient Colors add Interest to Nameplates and Labels

Color trends ebb and flow with seasons. Product designers pay close attention to these trends as well as the psychology behind colors. With more and more people spending time online, color trends for graphic design come into play with consumer product design. 

The use of gradient colors can be found in designs for clothing, electronics, appliances, sporting goods and a host of other products. Since branding typically makes use of color palettes for product design, it is natural to see color fades and transitions on product identification. 

gradient colors add interest to nameplates and labels

Gradient Color Options for Nameplates and Labels

There are literally thousands of possibilities and color combinations that can result in some awesome looking nameplates. You are not limited to basic color choices. Ranges of colors can be achieved to highlight temperature controls on an overlay with gradient hot to cold or add interest to a nameplate with transitional color fades.

The use of gradient colors and color transitions has been found within the specs for metal nameplates and plastic labels for years. Products from consumer electronics and small appliances to medical equipment and sporting goods can be found with attractive branding using this type of decoration.

When it comes to specifying the colors that are needed for your product identification, one of the key elements is the target or master color. This holds true regardless of whether the target is a single spot color or if the design calls for transition colors. Communication of color needs is key so that we understand expectations. Pre-production samples can be quoted if necessary.

How Can We Help?

Brands trust us to deliver high quality product identification, ID plates, custom nameplates, labels and graphic overlays. We have the talent needed to develop custom colors to meet your needs. Let us work with you to supply attractive parts that enhance your brand.

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