Domed Labels Draw Attention for a Brand

Walking through the production floor is always interesting. Recently I stopped in the doming area and came across this group of labels. They caught my eye for the simple design and how much the bright graphics stood out.

domed label with bright graphics

Custom Domed Labels and Emblems

Doming is a process which applies a clear urethane coating to product identification labels. It creates a dimensional bubble over the decorated surface, drawing attention to the brand. This process is chemical and weather resistant which means that a product with this type of label will have branding to last the test of time.

Custom domed labels are a simple and cost effective solution for your product identification, making your company logo or product name pop - just like the parts which grabbed my attention. Advantages and options in domed decals, labels and emblems include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications - Self-healing, chemical and UV resistant, waterproof, and abrasion resistant

  • Three Dimensional - Adds dimension, height and a jewel-like appearance

  • Peel and Stick Adhesive - NECAL or 3M

  • Custom Shape - Circles, ovals, squares along with unique shapes

  • Custom Colors - Full color graphics, transparent tints, metallic or opaque colors

Domed Label Substrates

Metal and plastic substrates can be used as the base material for labels and emblems with the doming process, including:

  • Polyester -  Clear, bright chrome, brushed chrome, white 

  • Aluminum - Mill finish or bright

Need a Custom Solution? 

Doming is a polished way for brand identification to grab attention in the market with everything from electronics and sporting goods to medical equipment and appliances. Let us work with you to find the right solution for your next nameplate or label.

Custom Domed Nameplates and Labels eBook by McLoone

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