Getting Nameplates to Stick to Powder Coated Metal Surfaces

One of the most common surfaces that nameplates get attached to is metal. Pressure sensitive adhesives are known for their ability to stick to metal. However, metal is commonly powder coated or painted so your nameplate will be adhering to the paint and not the metal surface. This can cause confusion in the type of adhesive that should be used for applying nameplates to metal.

adhesive for powder coated metal surfaces

Adhesive Options for Powder Coated Metal Surfaces

Powder coated metal surfaces provide durable protection from corrosion and exposure to chemicals. This coating often results in a textured, uneven surface between the metal and the adhesive. It also usually results in low surface energy which affects how an adhesive covers and bonds to the surface, commonly referred to as wetting out. Don't let these factors be a concern when designing your product identification.

There are adhesive options that will keep your nameplate in place. McLoone works with a variety of adhesive suppliers including 3M, NECAL and others so that you can be confident in the staying power and bond between your custom nameplate and the mating surface. No matter what type of adhesive you choose, proper storage and application is important to get the best result.

How Can We Help?

A nameplate is one way that important safety information is communicated in addition to branding a product.  Our Customer Care team recognizes the importance of this and will ask or confirm the type of surface that your nameplate is meant to stick to. Let us work with you to achieve optimum performance for your product identification.

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