How Asset Tags Help Your Bottom Line

Calls come in with companies looking for solutions that help them identify their products - sometimes it is strictly for branding purposes. Oftentimes, however, the solution is needed to keep track of inventory, high dollar assets, and valuable equipment in a variety of scenarios. These types of resources carry risk of misplacement, loss and theft. A great majority of companies today use asset tags to label their tools, electronics, and equipment to stay on top of these risks, achieving higher security and visibility.

What Type of Information Can Be Called Out on Asset Tags?

asset tags with variable dataAn asset tag is typically designed to be a "back of the product" label - in other words, not something that is highly decorative. The information that is shown is usually minimal - it may include a company name and logo, but does not have to. Some companies may opt to embed their information into scan-able codes. The types of variable data offered at McLoone is as follows: 

QR Codes - Quick Response (QR) codes are used as a simple and small means to guide a user to a URL where more detailed information is provided for the product on which the code was displayed.  URLs, readable business cards, video links, specialized offers, and detailed inventory control are all available to you through a simple, efficient QR code. The code is scanned by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, making QR Codes available to nearly every business and consumer. 

Bar Codes - Similar to QR codes, the bar configuration graphic holds specific information that is accessed through use of a scanner. The information commonly kept in this type of labels include make, model and serial number, purchase date, company name, address, contact details and more. 

Consecutive Numbering - Asset control or serial numbering of products as they are shipped out is important for companies who need to keep track of where product is or has been sent. Many times a serialized part will be designed to also include a bar code for easy scanning. 

Many of the elements for types of information needed on asset tags are also found when companies spec out their data or rating plates. Critical information can be stored online for easy updating and accessed with the types of variable data listed above.

Material Options for Asset Tags

Serial-numbered labels and other variable data graphics or codes can be produced on both metal and plastic substrates. These can be combined with other processes like embossing or doming to further enhance the impact of the tag. The primary method of numbering uses digital printing; however, metal stamping and screen-printing processes allow manufacture color-filled, pre-numbered metal nameplates and barcode tags that are easy to read and weather resistant. 

The results are durable and readable asset control tags, serialized labels and informative codes that help keep the cost of inventory and security down. 

How Can We Help?

Communicating critical information is a key component of companies across the globe as they search for solutions to stay on top of equipment location and high dollar assets. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to work with you to identify the right material and processing to allow you to take a deep breath and relax. 

Material Options for Effective Nameplates and Labels by McLoone

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