Multiple Language Warning Labels Supplied as a Kit

One of the reasons to place warning and caution labels on equipment is to communicate with the operator or consumer important information. Many times this means the same information needs to be translated into multiple languages. Does this mean there needs to be separate labels for each language? Not at all. Instead labels can be printed as kits or sets.

A benefit to producing multiple labels on one card, or in a family of parts making up a set, is that there is just one part number to order. This keeps your ordering, receiving, and assembly processes streamlined. Graphics can be set up as identical elements of multiple labels, featuring any language that is needed. 

warning_kitHere is a great example of how this works. The same warning text is printed with four translations on the left side of the set. On the right side, two versions of caution information is printed at the top and then serialized numbering is provided at the bottom. What could have been nine different labels is consolidated into a single item. Talk about efficient ordering!

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