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    Common Metal Options for ID Plates

    Identification plates and data plates are often exposed to harsh environments, including UV rays, extreme heat or cold, and...

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    5 Reasons Why Metal is Material of Choice for ID Plates

    ID plates can be found on equipment in both residential and commercial settings, and they are often made of metal. Here are five...

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    Embossing for Metal ID Plates

    OSHA, NFPA, and other regulatory bodies set strict regulations for the type of information that can be displayed on industrial ID...

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    Benefits of Pre-Production Samples for Nameplates

    We spend a lot of time working with customers to make sure that their design needs meet their expectations for function,...

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    3 Ways Metal Nameplates Strengthen Your Brand

    When product designers start launching a new product, one of their primary goals is how to increase the perceived value of their...

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    5 Durability Requirements for Metal Nameplates

    Whether you refer to them as nameplates, labels, or badges, these product identification items all serve a purpose for...

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    5 Artwork Tips for a Smooth Nameplate Design Experience

    The artwork file is one of the most important pieces of communication with your nameplate supplier. This details the dimensions,...

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    5 Tips to Prepare for Your Metal Nameplate Project

    Maybe you have a new product to introduce to the market and need a nameplate for it, or perhaps you are looking for an...

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    Affordable Tooling Options for Metal Nameplates

    When looking for a nameplate for your product, one of the natural questions is how much it is going to cost. Tooling costs often...

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    5 Reasons a Label is Necessary for Your Product

    Similar to how attractive metal nameplates increase perceived value for products, a plastic label adds to the aesthetic look for...

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