Permanent Embossed Text for Metal Information Plates

Embossing graphics or logos in metal nameplates is a great way to add dimension and focus to the brand. That is not the only reason to incorporate embossed areas, however. This enhancement is a permanent way to ensure that important text is featured and stands out for metal information tags. 

The two examples below showcase this option well. Both of these aluminum information plates are designed for exterior application. The embossed text provide important directions for the operation or use of the space. What a great way to ensure these details will stay in place and be visible even after many years of exposure to the elements.

Embossed graphics on aluminum information plate

Embossed elements of metal nameplates are a result of custom tooling operations that push the designated graphics or text up from the surface of the metal. The crispness or height of the emboss is dependent on the type and thickness of the material.

detailed look of embossed aluminum graphics

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