Pierced Aluminum Nameplates, ID Plates and Labels

One of the questions that will be asked for any product identification project is whether there is a need for holes to be incorporated into the design. 

Reasons to Include Pierced Holes for your Metal Nameplate

There are applications which are more suited to including at least one pierced hole into the design. These include:

  • Functional holes for backlit graphics, LED lights, buttons or other mechanisms. 

  • Decorative hang tag to draw attention to your brand. 

  • Attachment of the nameplate with rivets or screws in place of adhesive.

     pierced holes in aluminum nameplates and tags

How Can We Help?

Does your next nameplate need a functional or decorative hole? Or do you need to explore attachment options without adhesive? Our team is ready to take a look and help identify the right solution for your needs.



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