5 Reasons a Label is Necessary for Your Product

Similar to how attractive metal nameplates increase perceived value for products, a plastic label adds to the aesthetic look for your brand. They help reinforce an image and value about your product. Not sure if you should move forward with a product label over a paper or pad printed one?

While this may satisfy the basic need, does it send the appropriate message and put the right value on your product? The way your brand is displayed on your product says something about your company and the value you place on the product itself.

A nicely designed label is your mark on your product. It is the method of telling consumers who you are, what your product is, and what value it brings to their life. Consider these reasons to use a plastic label as your product identification.

1. Make a Good First Impression
First impression counts and that does not only apply to personal relationships. The way that your brand is displayed on your product says something about who you are as a company. 

2. Promote Brand Awareness
Think about the brands that are popular in your market. Would you recognize them without some common logo or graphic? Likely not. A properly placed and designed label can solidify your brand message and make you recognizable in the market.

3. Build Credibility and Trust
Similar to promoting brand awareness, when your product has consistent labeling, it speaks to your attention to detail. This, in turn, speaks to familiarity and lends itself to reinforcing your brand as a strong player. 

4. Differentiate in the Market
An attractive label can be the eye-catching element that differentiates your product from others in the market. It is an indication of how valuable (or invaluable) your product is compared to others on the shelf.

5. Elevate your Brand 
Just like that nice label helps to set your product apart from others, it can take your brand to the next level. It is your opportunity to draw attention and increase the perceived value for your product. Polyester (Mylar) is a common material for metal-looking labels. It is cost effective and friendly for additional enhancements like doming for an added pop of dimension. 

When all is said and done, a great deal of effort goes into product design and the launch into the market. A plastic label can enhance your brand message, help make you stand out in the market and make a good first impression.

How Can We Help?

Brands across the globe have trusted us to produce durable and attractive nameplates, labels, and overlays that work hand in hand with their brand strategy. Whether you are just starting out with a project or looking for a facelift to update the look, we have a team of professionals ready to work with you to design the right type of nameplate that conveys the right message.

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