Is Your Nameplate Memorable?

Recently I came across an interesting statistic surrounding the topic of building a brand that it takes 5-7 interactions before a consumer remembers a brand. The way to make those interactions relevant and cohesive is to remain consistent in your message. A well designed nameplate can help solidify the recognition factor and boost your brand awareness in the market.

memorable nameplates and labels build brand awareness

Size and Shape 

No matter if your product needs an aluminum nameplate or a polycarbonate overlay, the size and shape of the branding matters. The options are open and it is not necessary to feel trapped by standards. You can design an emblem to follow common shapes; or step out of the box by using the shape to draw attention, stand out from the crowd and enhance the product design. Size is just as flexible. Keep in mind what you need to display for graphics and text to make sure these are legible and clear.

Logo Placement on Nameplates

Similar to print or digital advertising, the space around the graphic and text matters for nameplate design. This white space helps to set the stage and give a platform to build for your brand to stand out. Not sure if your design is ok? We have a talented team of artists who can help!

Don't Be Afraid of Color

Color should not be an area of concern for your product identification. It is, however, one of the most powerful elements of building a brand. According to a 2018 article published on Forbes, the use of color has been shown to improve brand recognition by an astonishing 80%. Wow!

Incorporating color into your metal nameplate allows you opportunity to add interest to what otherwise might be an average looking part. A spot of color can draw attention to a logo or specific line of text. It can be a defining element that sets your product apart.

Enhancement Options for Nameplates and Labels

A nameplate that grabs attention and stands out in the market can be a trigger for buyers in a retail setting. The product showing a durable nameplate that is still in place years after the purchase speaks to the longevity of a brand. Important safety or operating information need to be present even in the most harsh environments and exposure to the elements. Some options available to take a nice looking nameplate up a notch:

  • Embossed Graphics or Text Embossing  metal nameplates is a great way to add dimension and focus to the brand. Embossing plastic labels and overlays can also be reviewed for dimension and functional elements.

  • Domed Labels - Custom domed labels are a simple and cost effective solution for your product identification, making your company logo or product name pop.

  • Incorporate a Pattern or Background Finish - Patterns and finishes add interest to product branding. Options include technical metal finishes, attractive faux finishes as well as attention grabbing surface decoration with contrasting gloss levels or metallic inks. 

  • Use a Border for Impact - Embossed borders on metal nameplates create visual and tactile dimension. A printed border can be a decorative element or used to separate specific areas such as serial numbers. Borders can be found on nameplates and labels featured on products in any industry. 

How Can We Help?

We are here to assist in options for great looking nameplates and labels that help you be not only recognizable but memorable in the market. A variety of material and processing options means wide open possibilities. 

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