Sporty Carbon Fiber Finishes on Metal

Carbon fiber is a popular theme for products that are intended to reflect high performance and strength. The woven features of authentic carbon can be translated into decorative finishes on metal surfaces. Aluminum's reflective properties can enhance the highs and lows of natural shadows found in weaves and meshes. Further definition with tones or spot colors can result in a unique look to set your product apart in the market.

Carbon fiber finishes on metal surfaces reflect high performance and a sporty look for product identification

Ironically, some of the attributes of carbon fiber that attract product designers are the same as those that make aluminum a popular choice for aluminum nameplates and badges. 

  • Lightweight material
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Ability to form

Application possibilities for nameplates and labels with a carbon fiber finish are wide. A carbon finish is a popular trend in a variety of markets from automotive and aerospace to recreation equipment and sporting goods. Anything using authentic carbon for housing can be reviewed for opportunity to showcase the brand with a nameplate featuring that woven pattern. A functional overlay with deadfront graphics or transparent windows can also be opportunity to incorporate a sporty finish like this.

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