How to Make a Metal Nameplate More Durable

Durable metal nameplates and ID plates are a given expectation, especially when the application is a harsh environment. Metal nameplates are economical and effective solutions that will last. Suppliers who understand durability take steps to make sure appropriate material and processes are used. 

durable processing for metal nameplatesDurable Metal Material Options

Metal is a durable material suitable for product identification across all markets, especially products and applications that are exposed to harsh environments including sunlight/UV rays, hot or cold climates, and exposure to chemicals or cleaning products. Eye-catching and cost-efficient, metal nameplates and badges are commonly used on outdoor furniture, automotive aftermarket and accessories, fencing and decking, and industrial equipment. Aluminum and stainless steel are most common metal materials for durable nameplates and ID plates. 

Durable Processing for Metal Nameplates and ID Plates

A variety of processing solutions exist to protect graphic and increase the durability of the metal nameplate or ID plate. Included in these are:

  • Embossed graphics become permanent marking for important product information. 

  • Anodized aluminum makes the material more resistant to corrosion, as well as provides additional durability.

  • Protective topcoats take into consideration the end use and exposure to indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Screen printed graphics ensure graphics last in any environment. 

The variety of processing options means the critical information is displayed for the life of the product, even after years of use. Graphics stay legible and do not fade away in extreme temperature (hot or cold) or exposure to the elements like sun, rain or snow.

How Can We Help?

McLoone offers a diverse selection of material and processes to produce durable solutions for product identification. Thousands of brands trust us to deliver high quality ID plates, custom nameplates, control panels, and the like. Let's get started on your durable graphic solution.

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