Durability Checklist for Nameplates [Infographic]

Nameplates reinforce a brand strategy, help you get noticed in the market, and stand out from the competition. Creating a nameplate that lasts takes an understanding of exposure to extreme conditions, how long it needs to last, and the type of surface it needs to adhere to.

Conditions - The last thing that is wanted when a nameplate is attached to a product is that it wears away. Unfortunately there are harsh environments or chemicals that when exposed over time will corrode material. If your application is for a nameplate, data plate or label that will live in this type of environment, it is important to communicate that up front. Knowing that there is potential for exposure to things like sea water, certain chemicals, high heat, or wind can impact the material or processing that is needed to make a part that will last.

Longevity - Consider how long you expect the nameplate to last. Products with extended life cycles or that are exposed to harsh environments will need more durable material and processing. 

Surface - The type of surface that your nameplate will bond to is important because there may need to be extra attention given for attachment. The most common solution is a pressure sensitive adhesive that involves a peel and stick assembly to the surface. A surface that is curved or treated with some coatings may not accept the standard adhesive. Don't worry - other options exist including special-formatted adhesives and using rivets or screws for attachment.

Here is a quick checklist to compile information before quoting. It helps communicate with your supplier to make sure all your durability needs are met.

Nameplate Durability Checklist Infographic 050621

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