Make Your Nameplate Pop with Patterns & Finishes

A standout nameplate can mean the difference between a customer selecting one product over a competitor. With this in mind, it’s crucial for a nameplate design to draw attention, please the eye, and leave a positive impression.

How can a nameplate be designed in a way that attracts customers and boosts sales? To meet this goal, patterns and finishes are one option.

Distinct patterns and finishes can be used in a nameplate design to elevate the perceived value of a product. A combination of standard and custom pattern printing capabilities allows manufacturers of premium products to create a nameplate that pops.

Screen Printed Patterns for Nameplates

Patterns can be applied to any part of a nameplate to create a distinct contrast between design elements, or an understated touch that ties the design together.

Patterns for All Nameplate and Badge Substrates

Patterns can be applied to a variety of substrates, including both plastics and metals. Whether a plastic label or metal nameplate is better suited for a project, patterns can be incorporated in either case.

How Patterns Are Applied on the Nameplate?

Patterns are screen printed directly onto the substrate, ensuring excellent adhesion and longevity for patterned nameplates in any application.

Add Depth to Your Nameplate Design with Different Inks

To achieve varying levels of dimension in our screen printed patterns, both opaque and transparent inks can be used. Faux finishes such as carbon fiber and patina are a couple of examples where this can be seen.

McLoone Metal Graphics, Technical Finishes, Carbon Fiber Pattern   McLoone Metal Graphics, Patina Finishes, Embossed Metal Nameplate

Carbon fiber finish integrated into a nameplate design


Patina finish adding depth and character to a metal nameplate


Achieve Striking Contrast on your Nameplate or Badge with Finishes

Patterns can incorporate glossy and matte finishes into the design. High and low gloss elements can be placed next to each other to create a captivating contrast.

McLoone Metal Graphics, Metal Nameplate Design

For example, this nameplate features a strong color contrast between bright red and black further enhanced with pattern.


McLoone Offers Custom Nameplate Patterns

Every facet of a pattern can be customized to create a design that is bold and striking or subtle and understated.

McLoone’s Extensive Pattern Library

There are many standard and technical patterns available to be used as-is, or as a springboard to create a unique custom pattern.

McLoone Metal Graphics, Metal Nameplate Patterns

This nameplate features a technical raised dot pattern.


Customizing Patterns for Your Nameplate

Features of existing patterns can be customized to customer preferences. These patterns can be sized up or down, produced in any color, and adjusted to meet the unique needs of many applications.

Recreating Existing Nameplate Patterns

Existing finishes can be closely matched through a combination of creativity and manufacturing processes.

McLoone Metal Graphics, Pattern Plastic Overlay

Precise manufacturing capabilities allow OEMs to use patterns to reinforce branding.


Upgrade Existing Nameplate Designs with Patterns

Patterns aren’t just for brand new designs. Background patterns can be applied to existing designs for badges, nameplates, labels, and more. If there are multiple variations or trim levels of a product within the same line, unique background patterns may be a good way to help customers quickly differentiate between them.

Properly utilizing patterns and finishes in nameplate design can be made easy with the right expertise. Contact McLoone for any of your nameplate needs.


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