3 Factors to Consider When Sourcing a Nameplate Supplier

You've done the work to spec out materials and design for your product and have everything ready to launch into the market. Don't forget about the product identification! Choosing the right supplier for your nameplate does not need to be frustrating. Here are three things to review and keep in mind so that your order process is as easy as possible.

good quality parts are goal for every nameplate orderProduction Lead Time

It is important to understand what lead time is needed to build the quantity of parts for your order. The more complex the process involved in making the nameplates or labels, the more time should be allowed. Factors that can affect lead time to produce parts include:

  • Is the order a repeat from previous run with no changes? Graphic or dimensional changes in metal nameplates can mean that more resources are needed to give attention to the order. This may require additional time to build tools or for your approval on colors or artwork proofs.

  • Does your nameplate require special purchase material? If so, depending on what that material is, the lead time for us to procure the material may impact when parts can be ready to fill your order.

  • Where does your order need to be delivered? Your purchase order should indicate the instructions for shipping product along with your chosen carrier and account information. If you are shipping overseas there can be lengthy transit time. Domestic carriers typically follow schedules for pickup and delivery. Take this information into consideration as you define purchase order details.

Quality System

When you place your order for nameplates and labels that will be placed on your product, you want to be able to trust that the parts received will be of good quality. It is completely fair and expected for you to request confirmation of a quality policy or certification. This helps confirm that you are working with a supplier that has a system in place that places importance on consistency and efficiency in their manufacturing processes. It should also give you peace of mind that should there be an issue, the supplier will be responsive and work towards resolution in a timely manner. McLoone is proud to hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and operates with philosophy of continual improvement.


From the initial request for information and quotation to receipt of purchase order and expected delivery date, communication with your nameplate supplier is key. A supplier who works with you to understand your needs, order patterns and delivery requirements becomes a trusted partner in your success. Contact via email telephone and over our website means we are just a click away when a question presents itself.

How Can We Help?

McLoone combines creativity and expertise to custom manufacture labels, nameplates and decals. For over 60 years, brands large and small have relied on us for demanding requirements. Whether building to print, creating rapid prototypes or collaborating on a custom solution, we're known for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. Ready to talk about your next nameplate project? We're here.

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