3 Ways Metal Nameplates Elevate Your Brand

One of the most common objectives that product designers have when launching into the market is for the nameplate or label to properly communicate the value and price point of that product. These items can be easy to push off to the end or overlook completely thinking that a simple sticker or decal will suffice. Consider the message that the product label sends to the consumer. If it is cheaply made the natural inference is that the product is cheap. Metal nameplates stop that from happening. Just like a nice nameplate helps to set your product apart from others, it can take your brand to the next level. Here's how.

elevate your brand with metal nameplates

  1. Metal is handcrafted. There is more heft to a metal nameplate than a paper sticker. While nameplates are mass-produced, the printing is set up for your custom design. It speaks to having attention to detail more so than printing on a laser printer.
  2. Metal nameplates are permanent. Metal is not going to deteriorate and stands up to exposure.
  3. Metal nameplates and badges can be dressed up by adding a hint of color for contrast, using a screened texture for dimension or incorporating a pattern into an area for accent. These options provide flexibility in creating a unique look that enhances nameplate design. 

Impressive Nameplates = Strong Brand Strategy

When all is said and done the relationship between you as a brand owner and your customer is built on foundations. A nameplate boosts your brand by clearly communicating the value of your product. 

A nameplate is more than just a sticker on a product that shows your logo. It relays feeling and promotes a message. It communicates information, builds credibility, makes you recognizable, and indicates the value of your product. Many times it is the first thing that catches the eye of consumers. An attractive nameplate sends a good message and gives a memorable impression.

How Can We Help?

Decades of experience in helping product designers and engineers create brand-elevating product identification has taught us a few things. Let us help identify an attractive solution for your nameplate. 

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