3 Ways to Dress Up Metal Nameplates to Increase Brand Awareness

When it comes to metal nameplates it can be easy to stand by basic artwork and design. You may be surprised how incorporating some artistic elements like color or incorporating a finish can elevate the look of your product identification. Here are three options to spark creativity and discussion.

custom color development for metal nameplatesColor Consistency for Brand Awareness

When you are working through the design phase of product development, one of the decisions needed is to specify the colors for branding. Translating those colors onto your product identification is critical to carry your brand over onto the nameplate or badge. Contrasting color or gloss with background decoration can enhance the look of the nameplate and elevate the brand.

textures add interest to metal nameplatesTextures Add Interest to Nameplates

Fine, tactile detail can be added to aluminum nameplates with screened texture to give dimension. Precise technical patterns can be integrated into decorative trim, nameplates, badges and labels as background decoration or in selective areas to draw attention. Color, gloss and scale are fully customizable suit your needs.

DITFaux Finishes Enhance Metal Surfaces

Aluminum provides a versatile foundation for decoration to show a faux finish or other pattern structure with brand awareness. Faux finishes including carbon fiber or patina and wood grains can be translated into the decoration. 

How Can We Help?

Metal nameplates and badges can be dressed up by adding a hint of color for contrast, using a screened texture for dimension or incorporating a pattern into an area for accent. These options provide flexibility in creating a unique look that enhances nameplate design. Need ideas to take your brand to the next level? We can help!

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