Brushed Metal Look for Nameplates and Labels

When it comes to background looks for nameplates and labels one of the most common requests is to achieve a brushed finish. It provides a finished look with an authentic material to increase perceived value for a product.

Brushed Metal Nameplates and Badges

McLoone offers mill finish aluminum as standard metal material. This often works well for a nameplate or badge requiring an all over brushed finish. This metal has an all over light grain or brush look. It is an attractive background for industrial equipment ID Plates as well as decorative nameplates and badges. Aluminum is the most common metal requested for product identification because it is durable and lightweight. It also is fully recyclable which lessens concerns for product end of life.

mill finish aluminum with horizontal grain satisfies brushed look for nameplates

A brushed finish is also available in stainless steel substrates. The grain is more pronounced in these types of metal than mill finish aluminum. Stainless steel is more commonly used for ID Plates that are exposed to harsh environments. 


Brushed Metal Looking Plastic Labels and Overlays

A brushed metal look is not only limited to metal substrates. Plastic material including polycarbonate and polyester (Mylar®) can be purchased with a brushed finish and then decorated to look like metal. A brushed finish adds elegance to a plastic label. 

brushed metal look on chrome mylar label

Brushed background on polycarbonate can be selectively applied to graphic overlays. This allows for clear or transparent colored windows. 


How We Can Help?

A brushed metal look can increase the perceived value of a product. Unsure of which material is best suited for your needs? Our Customer Care team is ready to work with you to identify a durable graphic solution for you.

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Originally published December 6, 2018, updated January 21, 2021 for clarity and resources.

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