Metal Business Cards to Help Promote Brand Awareness

Part of building your brand in the market is being accessible and recognizable. Promoting your brand with a memorable business card is one way to do this. Here are some ways a metal business card can increase the effectiveness of your brand strategy.

Share Contact Information

Basic contact information can simply be incorporated into the artwork for a metal business card. This is very similar to the standard paper card layout; however with metal you have decoration options not available on paper. Metal is more robust and durable than paper, lending itself as a way to elevate your presence in the market.

Be Memorable

One reason that business cards work for networking among professionals is that it gives something tangible to remember an interaction with the other person. A metal business card looks and feels different than paper. It has heft and will reflect light. Using the same branding on your business card as your product creates another layer of recognition for your identity.

Stand Out

Metal business cards draw attention to your brand with stunning decoration on metal. From contrasting gloss levels for a matte versus bright look to custom finish development, possibilities are wide open. This opens the options for self-promotion and gives your brand strategy a boost with a unique leave behind or introduction piece. 

metal business cards promote brand awareness

Why Aluminum Business Cards?

Aluminum is lightweight and friendly for manufacturing and tooling. Contact information will not fade away or get ruined if it goes through the washer. Both sides of the metal can be decorated, which means versatility in design. Use aluminum to increase brand awareness for these reasons: 

  • Light weight

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Versatile decoration

How Can We Help?

The possibilities for using aluminum to promote brand awareness with business cards are limited only by your imagination. McLoone has a long history of working with companies to support their brand strategy through personalized business cards and other promotional material. We can help you find the right look and feel to make an impact and impress your audience. Contact us for more information.

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