Metal Nameplate Sizes

A frequent customer question regarding the design and manufacturing of metal nameplates and ID plates is: what minimum and maximum sizes are possible?

Metal nameplates and metal ID plates can range in size from as small as a fraction of an inch to as large as three feet. Whether designing a large metal nameplate for a semi-trailer or a miniature nameplate for a high-end fishing rod, the sizing possibilities are broad thanks to different kinds of nameplate tooling.

Are there Standard Metal Nameplate Sizes?

When it comes to metal nameplates and ID plates, there is no set of standard sizes. Different types of tooling are used to ensure that each metal nameplate is made to exact specifications as defined by the customer. For commonly used sizes, a wide library of in-house tools is available. Alternatively, a custom tool can be built to form metal nameplates with unique sizes and shapes.

Enjoy consistent branding across products both large and small with the ability to choose from a wide selection of metal nameplate sizes.

Large Metal Nameplates

Large labels and brand identifiers like metal nameplates are sometimes required in applications like the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Other cases may call for large metal ID plates, which provide ample room to convey important information like operating parameters and safety measures on heavy machinery.

Low-Cost Tooling for Large Metal Nameplates

In the case of designing and manufacturing a large metal nameplate or ID plate, low-cost tooling may be the way to go. The largest possible metal ID plates, up to 34” × 36”, can be produced with low-cost tooling.

Hard Tooling for Large Metal Nameplates

With hard tooling, metal ID plates as large as 18” × 30” can be created. While the maximum size is smaller than what can be produced with low-cost tooling, hard tooling allows for a crisper design and more defined features.

Small Metal Nameplates

When designing a nameplate for smaller applications, it’s important to consider the following minimum size requirements. Regardless of tooling choice, metal nameplates can be produced as small as a fraction of an inch to fit any application.

Low-Cost Tooling for Small Metal Nameplates

When it comes to low-cost tooling options, parts can be produced as small as 0.187” in height or width. While low-cost tooling can reduce lead times and save costs overall, there are limitations to the level of detail that can be achieved on small metal nameplates and ID plates.

Hard Tooling for Small Metal Nameplates

Hard tooling can produce even smaller metal nameplates with a minimum height or width of just 0.125”. Since hardened tooling can produce more detailed designs than low-cost tooling, this option allows manufacturers to convey branding on metal nameplates and information on metal ID plates at an incredibly small scale.

With expertise from a premium nameplate manufacturer, it is possible to design metal nameplates for both large and small products. Contact McLoone here for any of your nameplate needs.



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