Understanding the Importance of Pre-Production Proofs

You've spent time and resources in the design of your product identification. Sent in the requirements for material, size, artwork, quantity, and timing. Any new or changed part goes through checks and balances all set up to make sure parts are made correctly. One piece of that involves something called a pre-production proof. 

Why Proofs are Necessary

A pre-production proof is critical to make sure everything is set just right before sending the job to the floor for printing. Just like there are standards for printing on paper to allow for margins, there are similar standards and tolerances for printing on metal and plastic. Graphics need to be set up for minimum size and spacing. Colors need to be called out correctly. Any special cut-outs, variable data, and processing are shown. This proof is the communication to be sure that we understand exactly your expectations are. It gives you opportunity for one last look before sending to the floor. Your approval of the proof becomes part of the quality checks along the run to ensure compliance. 

Pre-production proofs offer value in the process of producing nameplates and labels:

  • Quality and consistency of producing parts due to having the visual approval showing artwork with graphics, colors, size and shape.

  • Prevention of avoidable printing issues such as unreadable bar codes, illegible text, gaps between adjacent colors

  • Accurate visual showing what the printed product will look like


Pre-Production Proofs are Part of Collaboration

Working with McLoone, you are treated as a valued partner working together to accomplish your branding goals. A culture of trust and collaboration results in strong relationships built on integrity. Proofs are provided as electronic files for you to review and sign off agreement to proceed with production of your order. Specific items may be called out to ensure minimum tolerances and printing standards are met. Common elements that are reviewed include:

  • Overall size and layout is correct

  • Spelling/Grammar is correct for the language shown

  • Text/Graphics are correct

  • Embossing is correct if applicable to the construction of the part

  • Color call outs are correct

  • Holes/Cut outs are correct size and location if applicable

How Can We Help?

No matter if you are just starting out in defining a nameplate or label or you are looking for ways to improve your presence in the market, we can help. New projects offer pre-production proofs sent via email so that there is opportunity for final review to be sure size, shape, text and colors are all just right. From start to finish we partner with you, backed by a talented team who is dedicated to providing quality parts and service.

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